WATCH: Former head of NK spy agency reportedly bound for US, meeting with Pompeo


Transcript for Former head of NK spy agency reportedly bound for US, meeting with Pompeo

president trum trying to save summit worth Korea. The president had canceled the sum milt, B today, the presidtweeting that letter got a solid response. We know THA U.S. Teams are in the dmz and singapore and tonight, a top north kor spy master appears to be head to the U.S. The hig ranking north korficial T set foot heren nearly two decade here’s ABC’s Cecilia Vega tonight. Rter: From president trump today, N comment on the fate of his Su with North Korea. But in a sign the on again, off again meeting may be C to being back on, the for head of North Korea’s spy agency, Kim yong-chol, was Ted at thejiirport, on his way to New York a sitdown with secretary of state Mike Pompeo. A close adviser to Kim Jong-un, that’s just last week with his boss during a high stakes meeting at the dmz. Also met with ppeo in Pyongyang and was right nex to ivankamp at winter olympi. The white house also dispatching aides to Singapore. Have af meetings today. Reporter: In ae to lize plans. After president trump wte Kim Jong and abruptlyanceled the meeting, even threatening North Korea wit what he called America’s ive and powerful nuclear capabilities, the white hois nowhanging its , calling it pde trump’s expected summit. The president had offered enticements, lkim’s protection. I will arantee his safety. Yes. His counwill be rich. Repor and today on Twitter, he sounded increasing optimistic, cg North Korea’s, quote, id response” to hister, saying,”sry, I’ve got to start focusing my enern North Korea, nuclear” and prioes “And not on the rigged russitch hunt.” So, let’s G Cecilia Vega at the whites tonight. And we know etary of state Pompeo’s met Kim jopg untwicfo. He’s now set toeet for ahird time with that northorean official, that spy Ster, her in New York. So, bottom line here, the summit date, justwo weeks today. The white house cdent it can pull this off? Reporter: Well, David, J a few minutes ago, Sarah Sanders reporters theill be ready for a meeting take place on junth. So, T feel like T can pull this off. The E department said today they’ve had — they’ been in T andngaged with north Korean oials and they’ve made tremendous progress, so, fornow,david, for no it ems like it could be a go. Right, we’ll check back in with tomorrow night. Cecilihank you.

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